Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Set To Increase Till 2024

Credit: Pixabay

Global coal demand saw a historic dip in 2019 but now predictions say it is set to rise steadily over the next five years. This demand is propelled by coal-fired electricity generation in developing countries outpacing the shift to cleaner sources of electricity in industrialized nations. Continue reading

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China Unveils First-of-its-Kind Giant Wind Turbine


China has recently unveiled the largest wind turbine in the country with a 210-metre diameter rotor. The giant offshore turbine has been developed in indigenously and will be put into production soon, according to the science of technology bureau of the Southwest (SW) China’s Chongqing Municipality. Continue reading

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World’s Largest Turbines to Power 4.5m British Homes

Credit: Pixabay

Dogger Bank Wind Farms is developing what is poised as the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Project officials have announced GE Renewable Energy, the Paris-based company as the preferred turbine supplier of its next-generation offshore technology, the Haliade-X turbine. The wind farm project consisting of the world’s largest wind turbines towering 853ft tall with blades that extend 351ft is all set to power Britain’s 4.5 million homes. Continue reading

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Honda to Offset 60% of its US Electricity use with Clean Options

Honda Company

Credit: Pixabay

Multinational auto manufacturer Honda Motor Company, headquartered in Tokyo, revealed its plans to offset nearly 60% of its US-based electricity usage with clean alternatives. The company recently made the single largest amount of renewable clean energy purchase by any car maker to date. The electricity would be utilized to offset emissions from its US factories, thus facilitating Honda to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 60% in its North American manufacturing plants. To accomplish this Honda is participating in two virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs).

A Virtual Power Purchase Agreement is a type of renewable energy contracting structure that provides a financial hedge against future energy fluctuations. It is a financially-settled arrangement between renewable energy project and buyer, with buyer owning RECs. Renewable Energy Certificates are tradable, non-tangible energy commodities that represent proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy resource (renewable electricity) and was fed into the shared system of power lines which transport energy.

The multinational company acknowledges that the use of VPPAs is not the ideal way to reduce its carbon footprint and reiterated that ideally, they would purchase 100% renewable energy from the local utility, but that was not currently possible. So by employing VPPAs they would be able to meet their goals for today. The purchase includes 530,000 MWh per year from the Boiling Spring Wind Farm in Oklahoma and 482,000 MWh per year from a Texas solar facility by fall 2021.which is the largest single purchase of wind and solar power by any automaker.

The renewable energy would help to offset the carbon-powered electricity used in its auto-manufacturing plants in Ohio, Indiana and Alabama. In fact, the plants would not use electricity at and instead add clean energy to the nation’s electricity grid. Meanwhile, Honda expects to offset around 800,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, which is the equivalent to emissions from 100,000 US households.

Renewable energy agreements are becoming quite common; IKEA recently announced that it was planning to produce more energy than it was consuming by 2020. Tech giant Google was planning to invest over $2 billion in renewable energy infrastructure across the US, Europe, and South America. Other automakers are also finding innovative ways to support renewable energy.

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Benefits from Shift to Renewables Exceeds Policy Costs, MIT

Wind turbine

Credit: Pixabay

New research into health savings from cleaner air by MIT shows that the health costs saved exceed the projected policy costs. Continue reading

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Clean Energy Set To Generate 35% of Australia’s Electricity

rooftop solar panels

Credit: Pxhere

Clean energy is all set to generate 35% of the total electricity needs of Australia within the next two years, according to analysts. New data reiterates that the pace at which solar power is changing the national energy market is unprecedented/never before seen. Continue reading

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Hydroelectricity – Is It Good For the Environment?

Credit: Pixabay

Hydroelectricity has been considered a cleaner source of power in comparison to polluting fossil fuels. Hydroelectricity also comes with benefits like provision of water and irrigation as well as flood control and a low dependence on ester (carbon-based) energy sources. However, you must be wondering, how eco-friendly is hydel power? Continue reading

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Green Energy in the US eclipses Fossil-fuels for the First Time


A wind farm off California

A wind farm off California.  Credit: CC / Carol M. Highsmith

The United States has broken a record in terms of electricity generation in April 2019 with 22% of its power coming from renewable sources. Coal based energy only accounted for 20% of the entire energy output, marking a milestone for clean energy. Continue reading

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China’s Remote Region Tries to Set Clean Power Record

Representative image. Credit: Pixabay

China’s sparsely populated northwest Qinghai Province home to the headwaters of the Yangtze and Yellow rivers is reportedly attempting to set a new record for clean energy use. The plans would serve as a test bed for the entire country. Continue reading

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Electricity Generated at Estuaries Using Osmosis and Light

Credit: EPFL

Osmotic energy is a source of power that’s naturally available at estuaries where fresh water comes in contact with seawater. The energy is now being tapped by researchers to develop a technology that would exploit the osmotic power (also known as blue energy). Continue reading

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