Electricity to Accelerate Wound Healing

Credit: Piqsels

Wound with band aid

High-speed wound healing is a reality today with the help of electricity. Electrical stimulation can accelerate the healing process by increasing capillary density and perfusion. The process improves wound oxygenation and stimulates granulation and fibroblast activity. Continue reading

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Thermoelectric Devices Set to Convert Body Heat into Electricity

Light blub electric current

Credit: Pxfuel

Charging a mobile phone using body heat isn’t a sci-fi scene any longer. The scenario may sound futuristic, but it is all set to be a reality with thermoelectrics. Thermoelectrics can transform heat into energy with the use of inorganic materials. Continue reading

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10 Most Sustainable Cryptocurrencies


Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple. Credit: Pxfuel

When Elon Musk announced that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin for vehicle purchases, bitcoin’s price plummeted, starting a chain reaction that affected most of the crypto market. Continue reading

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Electricity from Renewables Beat Expectations in 2021

Solar and wind energy

Solar and wind energy Credit: Pixabay / Seagul

The amount of electricity generated in the US in 2021, driven by strong solar and wind power growth, exceeded the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) forecasts, according to recent data.  Continue reading

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Smart Greenhouses Set to Slash Electricity Costs

Greenhouses. Credit: Maxpixel

A team of University of Georgia researchers designed ground-breaking new lighting system that could reduce a farmer’s electrical bill. The new system could work around reducing the electrical demand without hurting the plants. Electrical engineering master’s student Shirin Afazli worked on building a control system that uses sensors. The sensors can further measure current weather conditions, and Ph.D. student Sahand Mosharafian and associate professor Javad Mohammadpour Velni helped develop light-predicting algorithms in their laboratories. The system is said to predict the amount of sunlight in the future. Thus, it can help to optimize the lights inside the greenhouse, plus give plants the correct amount of light.

The research work, recently published in Plants, reiterated (based on the data) that farmers could reduce their greenhouse electrical costs by as much as 33% by optimizing their lights.

In the backdrop that greenhouses are typically used during the winter and spring, the team tested their system during both growing seasons. When conducting the experiments, both showed reduced costs while maintaining plant growth.

However, the new system was observed to have made more significant impact during the spring. It reduced costs by 33% in the spring and 4% in the winter. Furthermore, the system generates the most savings while the sun is shining. With the winter months having shorter days, the lights are typically
required to be switched on more often.

Marc Van Iersel, a professor in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, stated that when LED lights first came to market, they gave an opportunity to control greenhouse lighting on a level that was not possible before. He added that at the time, a lot of research was happening to optimize the lights themselves, but almost no one was working on smart control of the lighting system.

The electricity used for the lights is anywhere to the tune from 10% to 30% of the cost of running a greenhouse. Thus, the research began with the idea that if the cost could be reduced further, there could be an impact on the efficiency and sustainability of greenhouses.

According to the researcher team, the actual cost savings could be even greater. Though their experiments assumed a fixed cost for electricity, farms are usually subject to variable pricing in the real world. The team has already accounted for this variable and plans to work on and publish future research underscoring higher savings rates.

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Denmark’s Largest Wind Turbine Provides Electricity for 18K Houses

wind turbines

Credit: Mert Kahveci / Pexels

Denmark launched the world’s largest wind turbine at Østerild in Thy, northwestern Jutland. The wind turbine is set at a height of 271-meters and can produce electricity for around 18K households. According to Peter Hjuler Jensen of DTU Wind Energy, its height will constitute a world record. Continue reading

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Tidal Underwater Kites Generating Electricity from the Ocean

Sleek, winged machines (aka tidal kites), looking like aircraft are swimming beneath the waters of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. The high-tech tidal turbines move underwater to generate electricity from the power of the ocean. Continue reading

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Dachser Poised to Move Completely to Green Electricity

Wind energy (Pxhere)

Credit: Pxhere

Green electricity can bring about a swift energy transition. What is it all about? The electricity generated using renewable energy sources is the key to global climate protection.

Continue reading

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China’s Growing Electricity Crisis Threatens Global Supply Chain


Credit: Flickr / Camille King / CC BY-SA 2.0

China’s energy crisis is getting more prominent with the latest shockwave to global supply chains as factories in the country are forced to conserve energy by curbing production. Continue reading

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Bitcoin Mining Electricity Consumption and Concerns


Credit: Pixabay

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become increasingly popular. On the upside, the values are soaring, but on the downside, they use incredible amounts of electricity. Continue reading

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