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GM and LG Partner to Monopolize Electric Cars Market

After a joint venture between General Motors Co. and South Korea’s LG Crop., both companies will produce a new battery-powered vehicle that will take less time for manufacturing and provide the vehicle at a cost-effective price to the customers. This … Continue reading

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The Union of Concerned Scientists: A Vision to Attain Non-Virtual Marketplace

After introducing the Model E crossover, the Union of Concerned Scientists looks forward to demonstrating the significance of utilizing off-the-shelf technology. Much awaited halo cars proposed by the Union since 1999 are known ready to open innovation doors. David Friedman, … Continue reading

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Iowa to Derive 20% Electricity by Wind Power

  The energy of blowing wind can be harnessed to produce electricity. Wind is a great source of renewable energy. The American Wind Energy Association pointed out that Iowa’s wind generation has generated 20% of the State’s electricity network in … Continue reading

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This Year’s Summer Demands Higher Amount of Electricity

For most parts of the U.S., this year’s summer and heat came a bit early.  People from the southwest to the northeast parts of the country experienced a higher intensity of heat ending in additional electricity usage to cool down … Continue reading

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