The Union of Concerned Scientists: A Vision to Attain Non-Virtual Marketplace

After the introduction of Model E crossover, the Union of Concerned Scientists looks forward to demonstrating the significance of utilizing off-the-shelf technology. Much awaited halo cars proposed by the Union since 1999 are known ready to open the doors of innovation. David Friedman, an engineer as well deputy director of the clean vehicles programs at the Union of Concerned Scientists explained that these cars can show a light of hope to other automobile companies.

Mr. Friedman said that companies such as Nissan and GM are already using eco-friendly technologies. These technologies are not new for consumers. However, all are not familiarized and associated with clean vehicles. Unless these technologies are not available for many, they don’t have any use.

“Primary importance of clean vehicles programs is to make consumers and policymakers well-known about environmentally friendly technologies so that they don’t have misinformation and confusion,” Mr. Friedman pointed out.

Model E crossover, a superb car by the Union of Concerned Scientists, is a huge example that can accommodate any of four propulsion systems. A single body has the ability to hold a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, hydrogen fuel-cell and purely electric powertrain. Toyota with its hybrid and plug-in hybrid Prius as well as Ford with C-Max family are already utilizing technologies used in the Model E crossover.

As a result of positive response, the Union of Concerned Scientists looks forward to designing a family car with a compact and a pickup to the Model E lineup. However, these models will be relatively inexpensive to build, buy and operate that can encourage several consumers.

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