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BEC Historical Deal with OTEC

The Bahamas Electrical Corporation (BEC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a renewable energy company. The deal aims to provide electricity by utilising ocean-power technology. It is great news for the Bahamians as they will not have to face … Continue reading

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Volkswagen Single Seat EV unveiled in Frankfurt

Volkswagen AG launched a single-seat car for urban commuters at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. NILS, the concept car, is backed by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. The electric vehicle appears as a dream car … Continue reading

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Google clears air on electricity consumption

In response to reports that Google’s energy use equals “half the energy as boiling a kettle of water” and produces 7 grams of carbon dioxide.” the company posted a blog refuting the claims and explaining in detail how much amount … Continue reading

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Iran’s nuclear plant connects to national electric grid

Something aired on the radio appeared quite convening for Iranians. On an announcement, the jockey explained that Iran would test run the first nuclear power plant to connect the national power grid.

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