GE & Nissan engaged to boost electricity demand for EV’s

Nissan Leaf

Gas GreenMountainWindFarm/ Nissan Leaf / CC BY-SA 3.0

Nissan and General Electric Co. have joined hands for a two year engagement to promote the infrastructure and electricity charging technology that will enable widespread and easy use of electric vehicles. This partnership coincides with Nissan’s plans to boost its production of Nissan Leaf Electric vehicles.

The Nissan leaf is touted as a vehicle with zero emissions as well as an affordable, family friendly car. The companies will prominently research on incorporating electric charging vehicles within houses, buildings as well as comprehending the dynamics of electric charging for these vehicles and its impact on the grid when there will be millions of EV’s on the road.

The research will include the impact of EV on the electricity cost of homes, buildings and influences on power loads.

GE will conduct the research on a global scale at its centres to study the impact of EVs on the grid, using aggregate data. Studies are being conducted to see if EVs can be used as an emergency back up during power cuts while also trying to find methods for charging the EVs without putting too much pressure on the grid.

The agreement between Nisan and GE promises greener and cleaner technologies for the environment.

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