GM renewed interest in the electric car market

General Motors EV1 (Creative Commons / Rick Rowen)

General Motors Co. has shown renewed interest in the electric car market nearly twelve years after its EV1 car was controversially discontinued from the market in 1999.

This time GM efforts to divert its attention towards an electric version of Chevrolet Spark minicar, planning to launch in 2013, a year after the gasoline version hits the U.S. roads.

GM is presently concentrating on its extended car range that includes its Chevrolet Volt with an ability to run on a battery upto 35 miles. Later, it switches to a gasoline engine, providing a superb driving range. GM feels the car will appeal to wide range of buyers, especially the ones residing in suburbs who have to travel long distances.

GM electric version of Chevrolet Spark will compete will Nissan Leaf and other electric vehicles that are planned to launch simultaneously.  However, the Spark is smaller in size to most electric vehicles comparable more to the electric Fiat 500 Chrysler.

The company declined to comment on where it plans to build the car but revealed that A123 Systems will be supplying the lithium-ion battery.

The Chevrolet Spark called as Beat in China and India has sold more 400,000 pieces since its launch on Oct 12 this year.

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