The First Electric Multicopter

The engineers of Germany have designed the first manned multi-copter. The technology is used in battery-operated toys. This multi-copter uses multiple propellers to take flight. The creation has been named e-Volo. The pilot sits strapped at the centre of this copter from where he can control the vehicle.

The first test flight of the multi-copter lasted for a minute and a half. The test flight was enough to satisfy the German engineers. The pilot stated that the multi-copter would remain stable in the air if no outside input were provided.

There are 16 rotors to lift the copter, and no additional weight is attached. The engineers consider it’s the ability to operate on an electric motor. It’s the most innovative feature. It makes no noise in flight, while it is also cheap to operate. It is estimated that the flight cost on this creation would come around €6 or $10. The creators of this innovation are also looking for other sources of power to extend its flight time further.

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