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Biorock Gives a New Lease of Life to Indonesian Corals

Indonesia’s deteriorating coral reefs get a new lease of life thanks to the efforts of German scientist Wolf Hilbertz and Rani Morrow-Wuigk. Cyanide fishing and rising water temperatures had destroyed the reefs around Bali, but Rani Morrow-Wuigk, a diver, decided … Continue reading

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Nissan NV200 EV’s Trial In 2012 by FedEx

The year 2012 will see Nissan’s trials continue at different places. The all-electric van Nissan NV200 EV will ride the streets of London, England. During its stint of package schlepping, the van will show off the courier FedEx’s colours this … Continue reading

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Jo-Mojo Bulletproof Roadster – The Coolest EV Around

Dart Jo-Mojo Electric Roadster is one of the refreshing announcements to happen in quite a long time. At a price, one-third of the Tesla Roadster, it sounds within reach of many and not just for the countable set of Richie-rich.

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Aptera closes its doors, lays off 30

Electric car maker Aptera Motors has shut down after failing to pursue investors to invest in its new four-door electric sedan.

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