Nissan NV200 EV’s Trial In 2012 by FedEx

The year 2012 will see Nissan’s trials continue at different places. The all-electric van Nissan NV200 EV will ride the streets of London, England. During its stint of package schlepping, the van will show off the courier FedEx’s colours this year.

Nissan_NV200_Vanette_Van_001 (Creative Commons/Tennen-Gas)

Credit: Tennen-Gas / CC BY-SA 3.0

According to the reports, FedEx Express already has around 48 EVs in its electric fleet. So it should be able to benefit from the quick-charging opportunities throughout the day as needed.

Though the details of the prototype’s performance are not yet released, the experts say that the van will put up slightly lower acceleration than the consumer hatchback as it uses the same 80-kW motor and 24-kWh battery drive train as the Nissan Leaf. They also add that if the energy storage of this EV gets higher up to 35 kWh, its utility as a commercial vehicle will be increased, the experts say.

The other presumed locations of the 2012 trials of Nissan are in the United States.

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