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Hiriko Citycar – The Folding Electric Vehicle

  Hiriko Citycar, the folding electric vehicle, is designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. With such a stunning gesture, the car is ready to steal the hearts of many more. It is an amazing car … Continue reading

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Increase Solar Cell Efficiency With a Little Tweak Here and There

Fine-tuning the minutest parts of a solar cell could double its efficiency, says Vladimir Mitin, professor of electrical engineering at the University at Buffalo. According to the professor, the amount of sunlight that a solar cell converts into electricity could … Continue reading

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More Electric Charging Points than Actual EV’s on the Road

The sales of electric cars in the UK  have been hit so badly that there are more charging points than that many electric cars on the road. Despite the grants provided by the government, sales of electric cars have curved … Continue reading

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Volkswagen E-Bugster Unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show

Once again, Volkswagen has stolen the heart of auto admirers with its all-new Volkswagen E-Bugster, a concept car revealed at the Detroit Motor Show. This is an all-electric VW Beetle concept that has been well designed; it could, in time, … Continue reading

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Kia, Renault and GM Battle to Introduce First Electric Cars on Road

The Korean government’s announcement to support electric vehicles has sparked a stiff competition to launch home-grown zero-emission cars between Hyundai Motor Group and Renault Samsung. These two companies have promised to start the country’s first mass-produced electric cars in 2013.

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