Volkswagen E-Bugster Unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show

Volkswagen Bettle

Credit: Morio / CC BY-SA 3.0

Once again, Volkswagen has stolen the heart of auto admirers with its all-new Volkswagen E-Bugster, a concept car revealed at the Detroit Motor Show. This is an all-electric VW Beetle concept that has been well designed; it could, in time, become a production reality.

The Volkswagen E-Bugster, an all-electric two-seat speedster, is an elaborated version of a new Beetle version launched in October 2011. The company said: “Its name is a combination of electric drive, the American ‘Bug’ nickname for the Beetle, and also a nod to the 2005 Ragster concept.”

With the Volkswagen Blue-3-motion all-electric drivetrain set, this unique electric-drive E-Bugster is ready to start production in 2013. It produces 113hp and is capable of catching speed from 0-60mph in 10.9 seconds. It has a 110 driving range powered with a 28.3KW lithium-ion battery that can be fast-charged in just over half an hour. The Combined Charging System is an excellent feature compatible with multiple worldwide charging standards and plug shapes.

The batteries weighing around 315kg have been mounted in a pack behind the front seats of the VW E-Bugster. This battery pack position in the centre of the car offers a mid-engine feel on the road.

Other specifications include a distinctive C-shaped LED daytime running light pattern designed at the front of the bumper. The car consists of twin sports seats and an extended body-colour centre console. A multitude of interior emitting blue and white lights add glowing effects to its cockpit.

Image credit: creativecommons/Morio

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