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IBM First to Create a Snapshot of An Electric Charge

IBM scientists have been able to click an image of how charge is distributed within a single molecule, an advancement that could help create atomic and molecular scale devices such as miniature transistors or solar cells from inexpensive organic materials.

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Sunlight Can Be Now Converted Into Electricity With More Efficiency

A new photovoltaic device developed by Yang’s team can now convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently than ever before.Yang, who is a faculty director with the Nano Renewable Energy Center at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA and who holds … Continue reading

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Giant Crescent Dunes of a 165m Completed

  A much awaited project of the Crescent Dunes Solar Thermal Power Plant, which is a long time pending project from the Nevada desert sun has finally completed. It’s a giant solar tower of a 540 foot (165-metre) high standing … Continue reading

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GE Partnership to Boost Power and Aviation Sub-sectors

A landmark partnership between Arik Air Ltd, General Electric (USA) and Rockson Engineering Ltd to enhance the nation’s power and aviation sub-sectors, has paved a new path to fulfill the country’s energy requirement.

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