GE Partnership to Boost Power and Aviation Sub-sectors

A landmark partnership between Arik Air Ltd, General Electric (USA) and Rockson Engineering Ltd to enhance the nation’s power and aviation sub-sectors, has paved a new path to fulfill the country’s energy requirement.

Chairman of General Electric, Sir Jeffrey Immelt in Abuja and Chairman of Arik Air, MD Rock Engineering, Sir Joseph Arumemi Ikhide said that preliminary discussions have proved to be a positive sign for the multi-billionaire partnership.

Arik chairman confirmed that the collaboration with the American energy giant, General Electric is expected to generate 3,000 megawatts of electricity in the country. He pointed out that the partnership will increase power generation as well ensure steady power supply.

Ikhide said that the deal will be a direct foreign investment into Nigeria along with support of Rockson Engineering and Arik Air. He said that these three international companies are also carrying out a preliminary discussion regarding a partnership in the area aviation and power generation in the United States.

Sir Joseph Arumemi Ikhide said that, “We hope to generate about 3,000 megawatt of electricity from the power project.We will partner with GE to boost our aviation sector. So it’s really a big project we are looking at. I believe that the fact that Sir Immelt is here in Nigeria to meet with us on this venture is a big boost to the country and we are very confident that it will be fruitful.”

Image Credit: Creativecommons/Biggerben

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