Giant Crescent Dunes of a 165m Completed

A much awaited project of the Crescent Dunes Solar Thermal Power Plant, which is a long time pending project from the Nevada desert sun has finally completed. It’s a giant solar tower of a 540 foot (165-metre) high standing like a pillar denoting its presence as a wise step for the environment conservation.

With its presence as the world’s largest solar power plant of its own kind having a capacity of 110 megawatts (MW), as well providing electricity to 75,000 homes (approx.), the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy is the first solar power facility, which utilises fully integrated molten salt energy storage, said SolarReserve.

The project is based on the process of generating electricity by molten salt storage system, which allows production of heat collected during the day in tanks utilising a special type of salt. The heat collected during days is used to generate steam that can run turbines.

SolarReserve said that the US-developed molten salt technology established at the Crescent Dunes plant has capacity to store energy for 10 to 15 hours with a hope to solve the issue of intermittent power generation to the grid.

The plant, which is owned by SolarReserve and solar thermal developer, ACS Cobra in the joint venture, received funding from the U.S. Development of Energy’s loans guarantee schemes along with investment capital from banking firm Santander as well as an agreement with NV Energy, which has backed the project.

It consists of a massive solar receiver, which collects heat reflected by thousands of heliostat arrays laid out across the desert floor.

Image Credit: Creativecommons/Gwaz

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