Sunlight Can Be Now Converted Into Electricity With More Efficiency

A new photovoltaic device developed by Yang’s team can now convert sunlight into electricity more efficiently than ever before.Yang, who is a faculty director with the Nano Renewable Energy Center at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA and who holds UCLA’s Carol and Lawrence E. Tannas Jr. Endowed Chair in Engineering, lead the team to work on the improvement in the device that converts sun-rays into power.

The team worked on the existing structures of energy-conversion devices and its processing techniques. After years of comparative study and research, the team developed the photovoltaic device that has multiple photoactive layers with complementary absorption spectra. The team used more than one absorption material that resulted in each capturing a different part of the solar spectrum including visible as well as the invisible, the infrared and the UV for more efficient utilization of solar energy.

According to Yang, the device also minimizes other energy losses as well. He also affirms that this technology is sure to become commercially viable in the near future as everything is done by a very low-cost wet-coating process.

Image Credit: Creative Commons/Chmee2

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