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NRG to Install 200 EV Charging Stations in California

According to a deal signed between NRG Energy and the California Public Utilities Commission on 23rd of March 2012, the energy production firm has announced to invest about $1000 million to set up a network of electric vehicle charging stations … Continue reading

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Electricity Generated Through Snails

Researchers in Washington have implanted a bio cell battery in a living cell. This enables production of electricity  over a period of time, that makes use of the physiologically produced glucose as a form of fuel.

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Heat Pump to Make Electric Cars More Affordable

President Obama is aggressively promoting his plan of having 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015, by convincing the Congress to increase the tax credit to $10,000 next year. While Republicans scorn at the idea of increasing the … Continue reading

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Electricity through waste water

A new device has been built by American scientists that can generate electricity from waste water. The Pennsylvania State University team state that through the technology used, they will also be able to treat waste water. This technology could prove … Continue reading

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