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iPad Costs Just $1.36 Per Year to Charge

You might fuss over your iPad’s features not giving the desired results. But there’s one job Apple’s homegrown device does diligently. It is cutting back electric bills on your gadgets since an iPad user who charges his device every alternate … Continue reading

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Test Flight of FlyNano Electric Sea Plane

The FlyNano has taken its first test flight at Finland Lake’s Hipari. FlyNano was first introduced in 2011 at an air show in Germany. The earlier version of FlyNano featured a single occupant with a petrol/electric microlight amphibious aircraft.

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Germany Solar Companies Go Insolvent

In spite of generating about 5% of electricity by solar power, many German solar companies are going insolvent. This is expected, not surprising, Philippe Welter said. Using solar power might have brought a revolution in technology, but it does have … Continue reading

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Exeter scientists Make Graphene-Based ‘Electric Cloth’

In this fast-paced, always-changing world, the electronics industry is showing great promise in the inventions department. Imagining a wearable material that is highly conductive of electricity and transparent as well would not be possible a couple of years back. But … Continue reading

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