iPad Costs Just $1.36 Per Year to Charge


Apple iPad

Credit: Flickr / FHKE / CC BY-SA 2.0

You might fuss over your iPad’s features, not giving the desired results. But there’s one job Apple’s homegrown device does diligently. It is cutting back electric bills on your gadgets since an iPad user who charges his device every alternate day would pay only $1.36 in electricity costs every year.

According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), even if you charge your iPad every day, it would cost you less than a cuppa of over-priced coffee you are pouring down your throat.

Charging an iPad takes about 12kWh of electricity over a year, minuscule compared to other electronic gadgets. A laptop consumes an average of 72.3 kWh each year, costing $8.31, while a 42-inch plasma TV consumes an average of 258 kWh each year. Other devices such as a 60-watt compact fluorescent bulb cost $1.61, a desktop PC costs $28.21, and a refrigerator run costs up to $65.72.

The numbers may seem impressive to the eyes, but according to the EPRI, the number of iPads sold over the next two years is going to triple. With millions of people charging their iPads in the coming years, it will require a pair of 250-watt power plant running operating at 50 % utilization to fuel the energy. The new iPad sucks up 65% more electricity thanks to the Retina Display, which requires a powerful battery.

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