Tesla Unveils its First Electric Sedans

Tesla – the electric car maker’s first mass-market sedans are all set to roll on the road. With the debut of these cars, the company wants to revive its mass production and selling. However, it’s uncertain about assuming whether their debut will boost or bust the company’s growth. Ten of the Model S sedans rolled out the door at Tesla’s Fremont factory on a weekend ceremony to mark its presence. Many people, including Tesla’s employee and their relatives, a host of local politicians, and an array of speakers like Jerry Brown, were present right there at the ceremony to welcome new sedans. They were very excited to get the first glimpse.

“Over 10,000 people have deposited refundable amounts for the five-seat sedans,” Tesla Motors Inc. said. The company assumes to sell 5,000 cars this year.

The company’s vice-president, George Blankenship, said: “Those cars that belong to the carmaker’s ‘personal delivery programs’ are the most beautiful sedan in the marketplace.”

The base model covers 257 kilometres on one charge and priced at US$ 49,900. The company wants to re-establish its market value with the Model S cars because it has already lost US$ 1 billion in selling a high-end electric sports car – the Roadster.

Gasoline cars are ruling the market for many years; therefore, it’s difficult to accept electric cars fully, but more people are also interested in buying them.

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