Electric Vehicles Market Trends

Nissan Leaf

Credit: Tennen gas / CC BY-SA 3.0

The latest models of electric cars such as Ford’s Focus, Honda’s Fit, and Nissan Smyrna are certainly outshining the previous models due to the latest technologies and improvements in the designs.  No wonder electric vehicles still rule the market and remain more expensive than their fossil-fueled equivalents. 

Though the latest technologies and gadgets are being installed in classy electric vehicles’ latest models, some of them are causing problems. Some of the owners of the Nissan Leaf revealed that the WattStation home charger had caused problems. They advised the other Nissan Leaf owners to discontinue using the said charger or be more cautious and careful. But, not all the Nissan Leaf owners have asserted the complaints. Despite the fact, both the companies, Nissan and the manufacturer of WattStation, are working closely to find out the reason for the damage.

The study of the worldwide market for electric vehicles reveals that the industry might need government assistance to increase sales in electric vehicles’ international market.

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