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Electric Bikes: Increasing Demand

It’s a great idea to save the environment by encouraging dependence on environment-friendly products. To bring revolution once gain, Revolution Manufacturing Sdn has planned to sell 2,000 electric bikes by the end of 2012.

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Energy Saving Incentive are Put Forth in San Deigo

The pressure on electric grids is immense during hot summer days. To ease some of this pressure, SDG&E has proposed an energy-saving incentive program to its customers.

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Electricity Generation from Industrial Waste

According to reports, enough energy is being generated at Texas’s oil and gas fields to power one hundred homes. Businessman Loy Sneary has specially launched Gulf Coast Green Energy, where he will convert waste heat into electricity.

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BMW’s Mini MINI Electric Cars to Field at Olympics

Spectators who are watching field events of the Olympics. They might have noticed remote-controlled vehicles moving around the field –the BMW’s Mini MINI.

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