Electricity Generation from Industrial Waste

According to reports, enough energy is being generated at oil and gas fields in Texas to power one hundred homes. Businessman Loy Sneary has specially launched a company called Gulf Coast Green Energy where he will convert waste heat into electricity.

Mr. Sneary’s research proves more than sixty percent of energy produced in the world goes waste. If the energy from oil & gas wells is trapped, it could generate more electricity than all of the coal-powered and natural gas-fired power plants.

His technique was developed as a result of deep drilling down into hard rock or shale. The energy produced from drilling is captured using his “Green Machine” technology. The machine processes the hot well water through a pipe to another pipe filled with a cooling material called refrigerant. This boils the refrigerant to produce steam generated electricity.

In addition to oil and gas fields, the “Green Machine” technology works well with almost any industrial processes that produce waste heat. Example, solar energy collectors, coal-fired power plants and internal combustion engines.

Mr. Sneary works with Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas to tap hot areas near petroleum drilling operations where he can put his machines to use.

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