Electric Bikes: Increasing Demand

It’s a great idea to save environment by encouraging dependence on environment-friendly products. In order to bring revolution once gain, Revolution Manufacturing Sdn has planned to sell 2,000 electric bikes by the end 2012.

S. Selvaratnam, the business development director, informed that the company had intended to sell around 500 unites each month to dealers from September 2012.

Subsequent to the launch of the two new electric bicycles – the GWheel Nucleus and Neutron, S. Selvaratnam said: “the company is focusing on growing the market for electric bicycles in the country before thinking of marketing it abroad.”

Pointing out others, he also said that the company has to make stronger presence in the local market as an electric bike manufacturer in site of other products. Each electric bike is priced around RM4, 830.

The bikes, which were launched by the director of Putrajaya Corporation Town Services, Datuk Abd Ghani Ahmad, has loads of features. They are made from high-grade aluminum alloy.  They work on brushless hub motors as well as 36-volt batteries.

To facilitate bike buyers, the company is targeting a mobile after-sales service.

Selvaratnam said: “the company also has an advantage because after-sales support is provided for our dealers and customers as spare parts for the electric bicycles are easily available from our factory located in Dengkil, Selangor.”

Malaysia is a wonderful place where cycling is a recreational sport. Therefore, the demand for electric bikes is high.

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