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Electric Cowboy Makes Land Speed Records on Bonneville Salt Flats

Brandon Nozaki Miller, also known as the ‘Electric Cowboy’, has proven that one doesn’t require huge money to have fun while contending on an electric motorcycle. Several land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats provide evidence of his sayings.

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BMW Building Electric Car With Infrared Heating Systems

Electric car efficiency depends a great deal on electricity usage, and the less it consumes, the better it is for the car in the long term. Technicians at BMW are experimenting with new possible solutions to make hybrid cars energy … Continue reading

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Renault Gifted an Electric Car to the Pope

On 5th September 2012, Carlos Ghosn – Renault Chairman gifted the electric car – Kangoo Maxi Z. E. to the Pope at Castel Gandolfo before it was revealed to the press on 6th September 2012.

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India Likely to Sell 500MW electricity to Pakistan

India will probably sell 500 MW of electricity to Pakistan via a transmission link. Last month, a group of experts from India and Pakistan met in Islamabad to ponder the possibility of a 500 MW cross border transmission interconnection between … Continue reading

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