BMW Building Electric Car With Infrared Heating Systems

Electric car efficiency, depends a great deal on the usage of electricity and the less it consumes, the more better it is for the car in the long term. Technicians at BMW are experimenting with new possible solutions to make hybrid cars energy efficient, including infrared heating systems for future cars.

The infrared heating system works by directly warming each passenger unlike a traditional heating system which warms air and then uses fans to blow it around the car. According to BMW, shivering passengers will be able enjoy the warmth in just about 60 seconds. Also, without the whirring noise from fans, the car will stay much quieter.

Infrared heating system is technologically very important because it helps the car conserve electricity. Hybrid cars do not have internal combustion engine to provide waste heat and therefore have to rely on more electricity to power traditional heating systems. Each watt of electricity saved due to infrared heating system will go into helping the car log more miles.

The system is fitted on the locations of each passenger to target individual seats, thereby saving waste energy. In addition, the system delivers precise controlled heat to each individual passenger who will be able to monitor it for their personal comfort.

BMW feels that infrared heating “provides an extremely pleasant, cozy type of warmth,” than typical car heating. It could be installed into door panels, footwells, and on the dashboard. The car manufacturer says it will work best as an add-on to traditional heating system.

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