Electric Cowboy Makes Land Speed Records on Bonneville Salt Flats

Brandon Nozaki Miller also known as the ‘Electric Cowboy’ has proven that one doesn’t require huge money to have fun while contending on an electric motorcycle. A number of land speed records on the Bonneville Salt Flats provide evidence to his sayings.

Miller calls ‘Zero S’ steed as his ‘Foxie Cleopatra’. After reaching an average speed of 101.652 miles per hour over a mile distance, his name has been noted down in the segment of electric motorcycles below 150 kilograms and in the record books of both the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) and AMA (American Motorcyclist Association). At 102.281 miles per hour, Millers also bagged another FIM record for the kilometre distance.

Now, a fact is puzzling everyone how a battery-powered bike having top speed of 88mph cracked its own speed limit. With lots of modifications, the simplest, but major changes include altering 108-thooth by a somewhat smaller 98 tooth disc. To make his bike AMA standard at the higher speed, it has been induced with hardware changes including the addition of a steering damper and other slight modifications together with a few tricks like sawing off more than five inches from his handlebars.

In the high-speed bid, Brandon Nozaki Miller also took the help of some high tech savvy. After hacking into bike controller, Miller put up all sorts of parameters, particularly torque in upper range, to provide extra power from the Zero ZF6 pack. A big risk is due to the magnets in permanent magnet motors could lose their repulsive/attractive properties if they get overheated. However, Miller successfully came out of all difficulties.

At Hollywood Electric, the bike will get the advantage of some TLC (tender loving care). After adjusting a new set of handlebars, his Foxie Cleopatra will compete with the grassers of the Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association in upcoming weekend. Miller doesn’t comment how he will challenge 250cc bikers, but his EV-positive messages will spread.

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