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Tata Megapixel Provides 100 kmpl Mileage

At the 82nd Geneva Motor Show, Tata Motors unveiled a new four-seater city-smart global range-extended electric vehicle (REEV) concept for motorists interested in the best performing and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

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Singapore Government Welcomes Public Consultation in Energy Sector

To make the energy sector more responsive and following consumer demand, the Singapore Government launches a consultation process where electricity consumers of Singapore will be able to deal in the electricity futures market.

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Mando Footloose E-Bike: World’s First Chainless Folding Electric Bike

Korean auto suppliers Mando Corp. and Meister Inc. are working together to develop the Mando E-bike, the world’s first chainless hybrid electric folding bike. Everyone will agree that biking is environmentally friendly compared to other modes of transportation. But in … Continue reading

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Electric Cars are “more environmentally intensive” than Conventional Vehicles

According to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology study, if coal is used to create electricity, greenhouse gas emissions can increase radically.

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An Electric Car with Integrated Projector

Smart revealed a concept electric car with a built-in projector that allows any wall to turn into a movie screen. In the Paris Motors Show, the company launched its “Smart Forstars.”

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