Mando Footloose E-Bike: World’s First Chainless Folding Electric Bike

Korean auto suppliers Mando Corp. and Meister Inc. are working together to develop the Mando E-bike, the world’s first chainless hybrid electric folding bike.

Everyone will agree that biking is environmentally friendly compared to other modes of transportation. But in this fast-paced world, comfortable transportation is of utmost importance, which sadly regular bikes do not offer. Also, cycling in everyday life to work can be a too manual effort for too little return.

But bring in a motorized bike like the ‘Mando Footloose’, and undoubtedly people will want to test ride it. While the motor alone powers this chainless bike for up to 18.6 miles, the power generated by pedalling takes it farther. The Mando Footloose obtains the required user-generated electricity via an alternator connected to the crank. The energy generated by pedalling is stored in a lithium-ion battery used to activate the engine. Other aspects such as automatic gear change according to the terrain and adjusting the motor’s output is dependent on sensors of the ‘electronic control unit (ECU)’. Any suspected problems are displayed on the handlebar-mounted ‘human-machine interface (HMI)’. Since the bike has no chains, it is easily foldable.

The bike will be available in European markets starting mid-2013. For now, here’s a video illustrating the functionalities of the bike.

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