An All-Electric Taxi Company


Credit: Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) / CC BY-SA 3.0

Traditionally, Ford Crown Victoria has been the sole representative of taxi cars in America. But the Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company in Arlington County, Virginia has ambitious plans to deliver a new hi-tech experience to its customers via a fleet of electric cars.

Founder Malik Khattak is aiming to encourage use of advance technology in the taxi business through a proposed fleet of 40 electric cars, each equipped with iPad tablets. The iPad tablets will enrich the customer’s travel experience with music, web browsing and information on local attractions. Also, the taxi fare will be paid by credit card using the iPad’s tablet-based system.

The Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company’s plans are met with resistance from local firms in the region such as Envirocab and Arlington Blue Top Cabs. These taxi firms feel that electric cars aren’t suitable for short driving distances.

In contrast to the disappointing market for single electric vehicles, fleet sales of EV’s hold a lot more promise. The location of Electric Vehicle Taxicab company just outside Washington D.C. is apt to experiment an all-electric fleet.

It is anticipated, that the EV Taxicab Company will select the Nissan Leaf as their prime candidate. But with a driving range of 73 miles, driver’s will find it a difficult to sustain a whole day of driving out of a single vehicle.

The Arlington County Board’s decision next month will seal the fate of EV Taxicab Company’s plans. If approved, it will also be seen whether the EV’s are suitable for the real world.

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