An Eco-friendly Three-Wheeler Electric Car Covered in Cushions

Fitting airbags inside a vehicle is quite common, but a team of Japanese researchers have invented something new – an electric car covered in cushions.

A vehicle similar to the golf cart is covered in airbags resembling cushions, which spring back into shape after absorbing impacts, a start up business affiliated with Hiroshima University, Humanix said. The company is also ready to introduce this innovative vehicle – iSAVE YOU, to market for only £ 6,000 (790,000 yen).

The President of Humanix, Professor Tsutomu Masujima said: “The car will be perfect for our rapidly ageing society and we already have many enquiries from elderly and disabled people.”

In case of any mishap, the shock-absorbing cushions protect the vehicle’s outside. These cushions are composed of sponge and covered with tent fabric.

Except the underbody and roof, every side of eco-friendly vehicle – iSAVE YOU is built-in with the impact-absorbing pillows, especially at the front and rear.

The cushions have the ability to absorb the energy in case of an impact. However, it is ambiguous how much safety these cushions can provide in a high speed crash. With a top speed of about 30mph, it’s unlikely possible the vehicle will create any issue.

The iSAVE YOU can be recharged from any regular household plug and drove 18 miles in a single charge.

With such a vehicle, the automotive industry looks forward to taking a leap jump, particularly matters related to safety of passengers.

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