Chevrolet Spark Goes Electric


Creative Commons/Ooppdk

The Chevrolet mini-car Spark is all set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, in it’s electric avatar. The Chevrolet Spark by General Motors will be on sale this summer in Oregon, California, Canada and South Korea, where it is produced. This electric version will soon be available in other markets.

The Spark EV is an all electric car, unlike the Chevrolet Volt Sedan which comes with a backup gas engine. GM has not yet stated how far it can go on a full charge. However, GM claims that it is yet the best performer to come on the market among the small number of available EVs. The pioneer right now, the electric Ford Focus can cut 76 miles on a charge.

The Spark EV is not only a star on performance but will also be light on the budget too. As is usual though it is more costly than its diesel powered equivalent.

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