Red Signal to All-Electric Cabs in Arlington

On 10th December 2012, the Arlington County Board refused to add 40 new all-electric vehicles to its taxicab fleet. This happened because of the lack of certainty about charging stations to be set up in the county.

By a 3 to 2 vote, the board rejected EV Taxicabs’ offer to include six fast-charging stations for free and allow residents to bring in use all of them.

Mary Hynes, chairman of the Arlington County Board, said that she is interested in electric vehicles as a long-term strategy, but the company looks forward to taking the first stage rather than a county-wide strategy in place with regard to chargers. This is a big reason for a pause.

Targeting to reapply in two years, the company said it will also apply to other jurisdictions in Washington area during that time. In two years, the company will try to obtain the board’s confidence.

Board members Jay Fisette and Libby Garvey voted in favor of EV Taxicab; Hynes, Chris Zimmerman and Walter Tejada voted no.

Photo Credit: EV Taxicabs

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