Turning Animal Waste to Electricity

Indian Rhino

Credit: Darren Swim / CC BY-SA 3.0

Toronto Zoo has over 5,000 animals on-site, of which 300 to 400 count as large mammals. This produces 3,000 tons of manure a year, which can be an alternative energy source for producing electricity.

Therefore, the zoo has come up with a plan to turn all the poop into power. It has collaborated with ZooShare to construct a biogas facility that produces electricity by converting animal waste into methane biogas. Along with the zoo’s 3,000 tons of animal waste, it will also reap 14,000 tons of organic waste from a supermarket chain.

The biogas plant will imitate the digestion process of a living being. It will have microbes eating the waste and converting it into biogas and fertilizer. The biogas will be fed into an engine to produce electricity.

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