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The invention of the Energy Train

Engineers have now discovered the art of using a flywheel. This flywheel works by generating electricity by spinning a wheel. However complicated this new technique may sound, it is an effective way of storing energy and still uses kinetic energy.

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The EO Smart Connecting Car 2: Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow

The world has often dreamed of special cars. Vehicles that fly, dive underwater, and run on auto-drive have danced in the imagination of human beings since their invention. A German think tank has come up with something that could be … Continue reading

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Living Plants Generate Electricity

Energy from flowers? Sounds crazy, right? Wrong! You are probably wondering how this is even possible. Well, let’s start with a word you are probably familiar with: Photosynthesis. If you don’t know what this means, essentially, plants use the sun … Continue reading

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NASA’s 10 Engine Electric Drone Takes Off

Nasa’s ten engines electric drone transforms from chopper to aeroplane and back again. Nasa’s brilliant aeronautics engineers are accomplishing some rather amazing inventions. Their 10 engine uncrewed electric plane has just recently victoriously transitioned from hover style to powerful wing-borne … Continue reading

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