The EO Smart Connecting Car 2: Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow

The world has often dreamed of special cars. Vehicles that fly, dive underwater, and run on auto-drive have danced in the imagination of human beings since their invention. A German think tank has come up with something that could be the next big thing to emerge.

Gas prices bounce up and down, and sometimes they spike to horrific prices. On the horizon of change is the EO Smart Connecting Car 2. The innovative automobile is on the cutting edge of electric energy. Designed for even the most populated mega-city, the EOscc2 brings a plethora of features to the table. Included in the car’s design is the ability to perfectly parallel park due to the inventive wheel and axle design. It drives like a normal car, and it can even turn on the spot with precision.

Issues with space are bound to be a thing of the past. The EOscc2 pioneers new folding technology, so squeezing it into tight spots will come with ease. The car goes from 2.5m down to 1.5m giving it a 40% shrink. Driving around a giant city can be a pain, and some people prefer to not drive at all. Using this car can save walkers time on their commute and avoid stress related to driving.

The thing that is most unique about this car is the chain feature. Multiple smart cars can link together if all passengers are heading to the same destination. This creates a train where control is given to the leader, and the remaining passengers can sit back and relax. People who invest in driving this car save electricity and money on gas.

The only place for this car to go is up. Autopilot systems are being looked at for the future, so we could be viewing one of the first driverless cars to hit the market by storm.

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