The invention of the Energy Train

Engineers have now discovered the art of using a flywheel. This flywheel works by generating electricity by spinning a wheel. However complicated this new technique may sound; it is an effective way of storing energy and still uses kinetic energy. Imagine a maglev train traveling around a track with a radius of 2500 meters with a speed of 2000km/h., he is what is being termed as the energy train.

Unlike other trains, this one would be meant for electric energy storage purposes only. The train would get its energy off the sun or wind power which generates power in the form of electricity. The energy train could virtually fly over the maglev rails while it’s functioning under a vacuum tunnel. Thus, when the grid requires any electricity, it is transformed off the train.

Statistics have shown that the train can store up to 2.5GW of power for a period of eight hours. Developing such a functional energy train is going to be very costly. On estimate, the cost is set to hit above 1.5 billion Euros. However, as costly as it may sound, this train will help save up to 10% of the energy that is being consumed today. This new trend will help the economy by subsidizing the prices of electricity.

The storage capacity is a crucial factor when trying to save up on the renewable energy generated. This energy train will enhance coal decommission as well as eradicating gas stations since their services will no longer be required. Such an invention may have a lot of hiccups and may raise questions. However, at the end of it all, it will have more advantages than disadvantages. The maintenance of the energy train might as well be expensive. But considering how much it will save electricity, it has shown to be worth it.

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