Ecoisme – an intelligent energy tracking device

As the term Intelligent Energy Monitoring System suggests, Ecoisme is an established home energy monitoring system that runs an efficient program when providing consumers with a solution for cutting energy consumption and costs. The company’s target during its set up was to come up with a system that would help save electricity costs in homes.

The system aids in essentially saving electric energy use up where it detects usage of all-electric home appliances cautions where the alerts are crucial and generally helps you as the user reduce energy usage. Intelligent as termed the system works to ease up work for the humans and is consequently easy to operate. It has been designed and developed with simplicity during its application. The clamp is placed on your main power line so as to monitor all appliances connected to the electric system in the house. Once the plug has been inserted into the power outlet, you can now access the Ecoisme analysis board through the mobile app. The analysis board gives all information on the energy consumption for each device connected to the electric system.

Additionally, the application can outline all your home appliances, give a record of their energy efficiency, and coach on the best ways for you to save electric energy. It detects the use of energy from even the smallest appliances in your home. It gives an additional figure rated power usage on each and every appliance. The system is an ideal eye-opener, especially for parents at work who would love to monitor energy usage in their homes. In that case, Ecoisme can help in identifying each and every individual device and specify its brand of product. Tips being offered by the system are precisely given if requested hence the system can be classified as a complete energy saver.

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