The Introduction Of Electric Cars Is Powered By Worldwide Fuel Instability

Mitsubishi Electric Car

Credit: Tony Hisgett / CC BY 2.0

New technologies and innovations seem to sneak into the mainstream via the free market road map. The electric car (EV) might be one of those innovations that, by sheer market thrust, ends up in a majority of consumer driveways.

On the perceivable horizon, the greatest “fuel” behind the EV becoming commonplace, is the instability of oil-producing regions. The Middle East is near melt-down mode, South American oil production is threatened by Asian monopolies, and North American oil production is caught in an everlasting political game of white-collar chess.

The fact that most countries with high consumer demand for convenient transportation have the domestic capability of generating electricity might be the boost EVs need for a mass-market appeal. The push to save energy might not happen through fossil fuel industries but in the general population’s evolution in preferred transportation.

Every effort is being made by EV manufacturers still stuck in infancy, to make electric transportation viable in an economic sense. Vehicle batteries are tested and improved but are still quite expensive when compared with vehicles operating on combustion. In a global sense, electric car innovation might get a huge boost from the failure of traditional fuel markets. It is entirely possible, and some would say imminent, that the lion’s share of oil production will fall under an umbrella of war and market manipulation in the near future. The transportation needs of the world’s population will not cease because of regional instability. It will simply “switch modes,” and convert to other energy sources.

It is also much more feasible to inculcate attitude in consumers to save electricity, than saving fossil fuels. EVs, by nature and design, create an environment of conservation. This is in dramatic contrast to the world of scarcity and instability that that oil tends to create. The electric vehicle is poised to take the world by storm simply because other fuels are beginning to offer nothing to the public but economic hardship.

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