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The Three-Wheeled ElectraMeccanica Sparrow

The Electrameccanica Sparrow may look like an oddball but this single-user, three-wheeled electric is seriously vying to capture the hearts of the electric car market. Continue reading

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Denmark’s Wind Power Generates Electricity Beyond Its Own Demand

Denmark’s high level of wind penetration allowed the Nordic country to meet all of its electricity needs with a significant surplus spared for Germany, Norway and Sweden, too Continue reading

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Best Tips on Keeping Your Electricity Bills Down

Electricity is part of life but very expensive thus can completely drain pockets in a short while. Below are some of the ways to save electricity bills. Continue reading

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Electric Cars Vs. Gas-Powered Cars: Which One Leads to More Pollution?

Automakers and environmentalists often tout electric vehicles as cleaner than gas-powered vehicles although the reality is a little more complicated than that general idea. Continue reading

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