Best Tips on Keeping Your Electricity Bills Down

Electricity is part of life but very expensive thus can completely drain pockets in a short while. Below are some of the ways to save electricity bills.

1. Make use of energy saving bulbs
If one is using the old incandescent bulbs then he/she will have to pay more since they consume much electric energy. The energy saving bulb have less power consumption rates and last longer. This means you will take long before replacing energy saving globes hence cost-effective.

2. Right dressing
During winters, temperatures are low and individuals require remaining warm. You should put on heavy woolen warm clothes and turn down your heater thus incurring less in terms of electricity.

3. Reduce the amount of power you use in the kitchen
Use ovens only when necessary and ensure pots on the oven have their lids on always to reduce cooking time. You can use microwave while cooking light foods and even when warming. This is because oven consumes more electricity than microwave.

4. Heat only the rooms you use frequently
Even though keeping your rooms warm is necessary, try alternative means like shutting the doors and closing window curtains to avoid frequently heating. Heat only the rooms you spend much time in if necessary.

5. Avoid Standby power waste
Many individuals are not aware that leaving electrical gadget charger on consumes power. Standby power controller is the perfect electric gadget that helps avoid this.

6. Thermostat regulation
The thermostat temperature should not go beyond 20 degrees as this may raise power consumption by more than 10%.

7. Turn coolers and heaters on only when necessary
Some people have a tendency of leaving these gadgets on even when traveling or sleeping and these make them pay more for electricity. They should only be on when in use.

8. Maintain the fridge efficiently
Ensure there are no spaces on your fridge wall that can let in air making it consume a lot of power. Only turn on a second fridge if necessary.

9. Wash clothes with cold water
Washing machine uses more energy to warm the water and this means you pay more for the power. Cold water has no effect at all in the machine.

10. Install roof insulation
Properly insulated ceilings cut down electricity bills by more than a third.

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