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Electric bicycles: eco-friendly, low cost green transportation

Living green is a great way to help the environment. Considering the fact that automobiles leave such a large footprint the natural alternative is to ride everywhere you need to go. If you need to commute a reasonable distance then an electric bicycle will do the trick. Continue reading

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England Plans to Build Electric Car Charging Lanes

Highways England has announced plans to pilot-test wireless power-transfer tech that will build under the country’s major motorways to recharge EV cars on-the-go. Continue reading

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WalkCar Electric Vehicle Looks Amazingly Funny

We had Segways, then we had nimble electric skateboards followed by self balancing hover boards. Now check this out – a portable electric vehicle called “Walk Car” that’s small, light and very easy to use Continue reading

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Stanene Is The Best Conductor Of Electricity

Stanene is the best conductor of electricity because it is made of tin atoms, which is so conductive to allow electricity flow without heat loss to save electricity. Continue reading

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President Obama has a way to reduce your bill and save electricity

Once the Obama administration limits CO2 emissions from current power plants, what will happen to your electric bill? If those in charge make accurate and smart decisions, new reports have indicated that many Americans can significantly save electric energy and see a major reduction in their monthly bill. Continue reading

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