England Plans to Build Electric Car Charging Lanes

Electric cars have significant environmental advantages over conventional gasoline or diesel-powered cars, but only if they can hold enough power while travelling from point A to point B. Highways England, who operates, maintains, and improves England’s motorways and major A roads; has addressed this main concern,

The government-run agency has announced plans to test wireless power-transfer tech built under the country’s major motorways to recharge EV cars on-the-go. For this purpose, the agency will construct an off-road testing site later this year where electric and hybrid cars with built-in wireless technology will charge up using compatible equipment beneath the ground. The feasibility study on the use of the prospective use of dynamic charging systems has already been done. What remains to be seen is whether such a scheme would be cost-effective. Highways England plans to continue to run experiments for 18 months before it finally decides whether to commit to an on-road trial.

Pioneering technologies such as charge-as-you-drive are already being developed elsewhere. Buses in South Korea in Gumi’s town fitted with compatible equipment such as coils that pick up electromagnetic fields generated by electric cables buried under the road.

Though the England project is still in its early stages, it can recharge low emission vehicles and thereby contribute to a sustainable environment.

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