Electric bicycles: eco-friendly, low cost green transportation

Youtube: DIY – Cheap electric bike project using an old bike, a motor and a cordless drill battery.

Living green is a great way to help the environment. Considering the fact that automobiles leave such a large footprint the natural alternative is to ride everywhere you need to go. Short distances may be acceptable, but if you need to commute a reasonable distance to your place of employment then an electric bicycle will do the trick. There are two options to consider if you choose the electric bicycle. The first one is to purchase one already made up from a manufacturer. The second will be to purchase a electric bicycle conversion kit and convert the bicycle you already own into a completed electric bike.

Hands On
An electric bike might not be the best choice to help you save electricity but you certainly will not need to pull into any fuel stations. When ordering your kit make certain that it is compatible with your bike. The most important information you need is the size of your wheel. This is a hands-on job and you should expect to get a little dirty. The back wheel will need to be removed and replaced with the new one. Tire and tube will also need to be switched. Once the wheel has been returned, follow the rest of the manufacturer’s directions.

The Benefits
With your bike converted into a vehicle powered by electric energy, you should expect a positive change on both you and the environment. The first thing you will appreciate is the fact that there is almost no noise coming from it. Keep in mind that the mechanical part of your bicycle will still be fully functional. This means that you will still get some exercise with the converted version. Vitamin D impact will still be there so your health will not be affected. The greatest benefit other than the money you save will be the ease of finding a place to park.

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