Is Porsche Getting Into The Electric Car Business?

Electric cars may not be taking over the market, but every year there’s more of them on the roads. As technology advances, and batteries get better, these cars have been able to charge faster, drive further, save electricity, and offer better performance. Not only that, but more mainstream car manufacturers are getting into the electric energy game with every passing year. Even Porsche, a company famed for its high-octane muscle cars and powerful roadsters, is getting into the game. It’s even put out an official announcement for it’s all-electric sports car that’s meant to give the Tesla Roadster a run for its money: the Mission E.

The Stats

The Mission E is an all-electric concept car that’s spent years in development behind the curtain. According to Porsche’s statements, the car will boast a 500-horsepower engine, it will be able to do 300 miles on a single charge, and owners will be able to charge the vehicle in as little as 15 minutes. It’s an all-wheel-drive, all-wheel-steering car that could change the way people look at being an electric vehicle owner.

Given the amount of buzz over the concept that was debuted at the Frankfort Auto Show in Germany, Porsche may be onto something.

So When Can We Have It?

Now that the concept has been proven, the next step is for Porsche to move the E Mission into production. Estimates say that this luxury vehicle will be available in about 5 years, but no comments have been made on what the price tag will look like. The only hints that those within the company have dropped regarding what the E Mission should cost say that it will, “be competitively priced for its target buyer.”

Even if you can’t afford one of these sleek power cars, though, the electric energy revolution is most definitely here.

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