Apple set to unveil an electric car in 2019


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Apple Inc. is a renowned brand as far as designing and producing high-end software products and electronics is concerned. The company that typifies what innovation is all about is set to launch an electric car in 2019. Read on to get a clear picture of what the electricity-powered vehicle entails.The Titan Project

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has opted to build a car that runs on electric energy. The “committed project” is code-named Titan, with 2019 slated as the shipping date.

While a “ship date” may be taken to mean the date when a new product reaches the customers, for Apple, it means the date that the product’s main features are signed off by the engineers.

Years of Investigation

The iPhone maker spent over one year conducting a feasibility study about an Apple-branded car. According to WSJ, the tech company even met with two groups of government officials.

According to Reuters, the company was developing as well as studying self-driving technology. However, it could not be verified whether the Apple was designing a self-driving vehicle.

Hiring of experts

Apple has been on a hiring spree for car experts geared towards building a team in automated driving.

Among Apple’s recruitment, this year’s is Mega McClain and Vinay Palakkode. These two are experts in automated driving from Volkswagen AG and Carnegie Mellon University, respectively.

Additionally, according to a post on LinkedIn, Apple hired a senior engineer from Tesla Motors Inc., an electric-car maker.


Apple Inc. Seems to have learnt to move with the currents of change. With this, it continues to change the way the world thinks as well as the way the world behaves has changed the way the world, with its mind-blowing innovations.

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