Affordable Electric Cars Without Steering Wheels

The current trend in just about everything in the energy sector is finding renewable energy sources that are affordable and effective. This trend has also moved into the automobile industry with a push for green energies, using electric energy rather than fossil fuels. Recently many companies have jumped on board, such a Tesla who are investing heavily into the development of cars that run purely on electricity. While Tesla is focusing heavily on the luxury vehicles, companies like Arcimoto are looking to produce an economically friendly and unique electric vehicle.

Arcimoto’s founder Mark Frohnmayer had an idea to bring to market something affordable that could become widespread, especially in areas with a growing demand like China and India. His team at Acrimoto began experimenting and came up with a three wheel motorcycle hybrid, which is capable of 85 miles per hour. The vehicle has two seats, so it isn’t something you would buy for your family but it is great for urban drivers who are just trying to get around.

Currently the motorcycle hybrid is going for $12,000 and hasn’t yet come out of research and development. They have deemed the hybrid SRK and it focuses mainly on a minimal design, cutting out many of the features that we find in pricey luxury cars such as stereos and fancy touch screens. The SRK will also feature a protective shell and a fully enclosed version for a price. SRK is definitely a unique vehicle but how will it fair against the competition?

The hybrid has some big competitors such as the Mitsubishi that has recently release its own electric car named I-Miev. The vehicle will also be competing verse the upcoming companies out of countries like China, who have a booming technology sector and are working to deploy their own electric line of vehicles. Will the SRK be successful? It is too early to say, we will all know for sure in the next few years.

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