Freevolt Generates Electricity from the Air

People all around the world are constantly searching for renewable energy sources. Lord Drayson is an individual that has proven that it is possible to get free energy from the air. Lord Drayson is an entrepreneur and a science minister; he created a technology called Freevolt. Freevolt is a technology system that allows devices that run on low energy to be operated without ever being plugged in. This may sound like something too good to be true, but in reality, it seems like this technology really has the potential to be successful.

To operate these low-energy devices without plugging in, this technology has to store the radiofrequency energy that is already in the air because of existing wireless networks. These wireless and broadcast networks come from things such as digital television and 4G networks. According to what Lord Drayson has suggested, this type of energy is recycled, and it is not being used. Since that is the case, it does not require any extra energy for it to be transmitted.

This new energy-saving technology was revealed at the Royal Institution, where a lecture was being held. Lord Drayson was able to demonstrate right then and there how this Freevolt energy system could power a device.

This technology has been patented, and it is ready to be used by different organizations in Europe and around the world. Freevolt has met with some speculation. Dean Bubley, a mobile technology analyst, speculates that this type of technology is not new or innovative. He says that the same type of technology could be achieved with low-power transmitters and a battery. Apart from that, he also believes that the energy that is being stored from the mobile networks could be compromised. If that is the case, these mobile networks could legally require a fee.

There is still some question about exactly how Freevolt will work on a global scale, but in reality, it’s perspectives are promising. To be able to get energy from the air would be money-saving and possibly positive for the environment. Lord Drayson has definitely unveiled technology that could be world-changing.

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