Get yourself one of these electric bikes

Today, buying cars that use renewable energy sources is an option. But due to technology, manufacturers are now selling electric bikes that save on fuel and its purchase cost. The current estimation of electricity bikes is expected to rise to 40 million in 2023. Traditional automakers are using electric energy as a fuel for e-bikes. Anyone who wants to buy these e-bikes should try the following models.

Gi FlyBike

This bike has its own app that allows Smartphone integration. It can charge your phone, has automatic locking features and folds into two for easy parking and keeping. Buyers can ride it as a regular bike, but an additional motor that uses electric energy helps to ease movement and covers 15 miles per hour.

Oko electric bike
This bike is a creation of Biomega Company from Dutch. It is light in weight weighing 40 pounds. It is designed using materials made to design F1 cars. Its design is unique, with the motor located at the center of the frames to make it light weight.

Otocycle RaceR
This electric bike is designed from waste material. It features big headlamp to light the way. It also features LCD screens to indicate the battery levels and the performance. The bike can cover 15 miles per hour, with a single charge enabling the user travel 40 miles. It also comes with pedals to use when the charge runs out.

Genze electric bike
This bike comes in two models, those with peddles and the one using electric motor. When you start to peddle, the motor begins to rotate making it easy to gain momentum. It has a light battery pack made by Samsung Company. The battery can be plug anywhere and takes 4 hours to recharge fully. It can cover 20 miles per hour. The LCD shows the pedal assist level, bike mode, controls and speed.

Fods Mode
This is a smart bike with sensors that warn of potholes nearby. It connects to the smartphone to show the routes, warn about traffic and check forecasts. After using, you can fold it into two for safe keeping.

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