Wave Energy is the Real Transformation

With the current costs of electricity and renewable energy, there needs to be a plan B that will help navigate the costs and damages associated with the same. For a long time there has been contemplation on the wave energy. Two companies are soon putting the dream into a reality. If the dream comes to pass then a third of the Australian population will benefit highly from the energy. All their electricity needs will be met without interruptions whatsoever. It’s been challenging to find a design that will be able to resist the strong wave of the ocean not to mention about the market that will risk in investing on the wave energy.

What most people don’t know is that the wave energy is consistent and can enable the people who stay in islands is able to network easily. The wave energy is not only for use in Australia but those countries that have the Indian Ocean, pacific and Atlantic can take the advantage and develop the wave energy from the ocean. It’s a great source of renewable energy and help on cutting electricity costs if combined with the solar energy and the battery energy as well.

One of the company’s involved Carnegie main plans is to develop their own micro-grid business. Their targets being the islanders in addition to communities considered to be very small for competition. They plan to incorporated the solar energy, wind energy as well as the storage so that the colossal amounts of diesel it would be ideal in ensuring that renewable energy is 100% maximized the good thing about wave energy is that it has no effects on the environment , in fact it provides desalinated water. Technology has no impact on the environment this time round it’s only the floor of the sea that is going to be utilized. I bet this wave energy should not be let go but utilized.

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