Reduce Electricity bill – Save Earth Save Yourself

Power pole

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Global Warming and the causes of it or whether it exists has always been a topic of dispute and discussion. But a common man cannot afford to neglect a few facts like below, which can be very easily understood.

  • Increase usage of fossil fuels (which is not abandon) for electricity generation.
  • Deforestation – According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture
  • Organization (FAO), an estimated 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forest are lost each year and this is a manmade calamity.

Species like Polar Bear are fighting extinction due to polar ice melting in the arctic due to warmer weather.

We can very easily put up a few efforts starting from our home, save the electricity we consume. It is not only we are reducing the burden on our wallets but, unknowingly we are reducing carbon emission, saving fossil fuels, reducing global warming, and so on. During the peak hours the electricity need surges in the grid, the authorities are forced to switch on the old outdated power plants which emit carbon as high as even ten times than the regular power plants.

Little simple vigilance in us and by changing our habits can really make wonders in reducing the power consumption. We leave our set-top box or cable box main power on while at night, switching off or unplugging it not only can save us a few $ per annum but we will also help the world getting rid of those many units to be generated meaning a reduction in that much of carbon emission.

How many of us would wear a shirt or a top with a small hole in it? No one. But do we really bother about small gaps in our house windows and doors? No! These small gaps are causing an extra burden on the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems of our houses thus increasing the electricity bills and making our wallet lighter. More important and hazardous is we are helping carbon emission to rise and in turn deteriorating our climate, which is very hazardous for our own health.

Proper maintenance of our household equipment also reduces the power consumption; one should not go by the face value of the cost of it. A classic example is the timely filter cleaning of our HVAC systems. Fixing programmable thermostats to these systems, its cost can be recovered within no time from the time it’s fitted. Setting the thermostat on our water heater to an optimum level, so that we do not heat the water to a temperature higher than we actually use for bath.

So and so on! We need to help ourselves to improve our lives and help not to make the next generations’ life miserable for want of clean air.

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